For Real???

For Real????

So many times when I'm looking at Pinterest or other people's blogs I'm like... FOR REAL???? Meaning: "Are you serious?? You really make homemade muffins and top it with homemade apple butter, churned by you, apples grown on your farm... and eat it on a hand-painted plate that you made in pottery class... FOR REAL????"

No wonder depression among women is at an all-time high!

We are constantly comparing ourselves to each other, and the "each other" we are seeing is ONLY what is CHOSEN to be seen.

Yes, I'm guilty of TRYING to make my family look perfect on Facebook and on this blog. I want to add some REAL! to the for real?!

This is a REAL picture of a flower bed at my house. No, those are not herbs or authentic something or another... those are WEEDS! When we moved into this house this was weed-free, now we have so much mowing to do we can't keep up.

Here's another disaster...
Our garage trash. Yes you see Wendy's, McDonald's, Arby's, Sonic, and Burger King. Now before you report us for child obesity potential know that it's not ALWAYS like this... give us a break, it's baseball season and we have 3 teams going. We sometimes eat homemade meals at home... but sometimes not, this is the REAL us.

Now as embarrassing as this is, I felt it necessary to be real sometimes. I plan on posting funny, REAL pictures more frequently... along with my "blog-perfect" family posts I usually show :). Please join me in being REAL!

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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome more people should be REAL about everyday life.

Unknown said...

I love this...thank you!

Kdj said...

Needed this today. Thank you for being real!!

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