Sunday, January 29, 2017



After thinking & praying, Deacon decided to not play basketball this year. He will work on baseball & football, and the new opportunity that came up for him, powerlifting.

Now I know what you're thinking, Powerlifting? Deacon? Doesn't seem to go together, but turns out, he's a tough guy 😄 or at least a strong guy.

Fair Grove had a Powerlifting Meet and Bolivar entered their first team ever, and they did great.

The rules seem weird to me, and I don't know them enough to explain them. They have 3 different lifts, and several different weight classes.

Deacon ended up with 3rd in the "Featherweight" class. I mean, "featherweight??"(heehee)  That doesn't sound too cool, but it was 165lbs - 175lbs. His strength index was 5.75. Deacon's best at squats. His buddy, Zach, is great at bench, he got 1st in bench.

Austin Conrad, Deacon's coach, has competed and has taught them all the ins & outs. Thankful for all the good coaches in Bolivar. Read the details in the paper here.

(Austin Conrad, Zach Howard, Deacon & Lydia Meredith)

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