Monday, May 8, 2017

White Uniforms, For Reals

Currently having 4 boys playing baseball, I've kinda considered myself an expert in washing uniforms... especially white uniforms (which my husband insists on.)

I've always heard stories from my mother-in-law about how the coach presented her with a box of Tide at the football banquet because Dwain's pants got cleaner throughout the season. I've had a lot to live up to.

My routine was to quick-wash the unies in cold, removing loose dirt. I would then take them (damp, never dry them!) out and start with my Fels Naptha bar soap.... lather them up real good, and then start scrubbing. Most of the time I would use one pant leg to scrub the other. The next step, washing them again with detergent and OxiClean, after letting them soak with the Fels Naptha overnight.  (P.S.Never use the dryer!)

I had tried the car wash, but that never worked great for me. Not to mention the time, money and what a pain it was taking wet pants back in your car.

I had tried bleach but always had to be super careful with the bright pinstripe going down the sides of the pants. Plus I almost always got it all over me... and it stinks.

Last week I was sitting at a game, like most days, visiting with my mom friends, two of my BEST friends I might add. They started talking about a product I had never heard of, raving about how easy and great it was.

Now we've all read tricks and tips on Pinterest, but rarely do they turn out as wonderful as portrayed. BUT these ladies, they've been by my side for 10+ years. We've washed uniforms together in hotel coin-operated machines, bathtubs, and even talked one hotel into letting us use their industrial washers!

So, their opinions to me are gold, I KNOW they KNOW what they're talking about.

Introducing... (drum roll please) OUT- White Brite !!!!! (We have this at our local Wal-Mart, located by the Oxi Clean.)

Your new washing routine:

1. Add 1/2 cup of OUT to your laundry

2. Wash your uniform

3. Hang Dry

When your kids play school sports, you get whatever is handed down from the year before. The stains are all set-in. Deacon's baseball pants have been a battle for me. I soaked them in OUT (just the first time) and now simply wash them, using the OUT. I really can't believe how white they are!!!

I always felt like there was a perfect solution out there somewhere! Now, I feel confident to say, I AM an EXPERT in washing uniforms... and my mother-in-law will be proud. ;-)

Sunday, January 29, 2017



After thinking & praying, Deacon decided to not play basketball this year. He will work on baseball & football, and the new opportunity that came up for him, powerlifting.

Now I know what you're thinking, Powerlifting? Deacon? Doesn't seem to go together, but turns out, he's a tough guy 😄 or at least a strong guy.

Fair Grove had a Powerlifting Meet and Bolivar entered their first team ever, and they did great.

The rules seem weird to me, and I don't know them enough to explain them. They have 3 different lifts, and several different weight classes.

Deacon ended up with 3rd in the "Featherweight" class. I mean, "featherweight??"(heehee)  That doesn't sound too cool, but it was 165lbs - 175lbs. His strength index was 5.75. Deacon's best at squats. His buddy, Zach, is great at bench, he got 1st in bench.

Austin Conrad, Deacon's coach, has competed and has taught them all the ins & outs. Thankful for all the good coaches in Bolivar. Read the details in the paper here.

(Austin Conrad, Zach Howard, Deacon & Lydia Meredith)

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