Monday, December 22, 2014

How to Be a Cool Aunt

As many of you know, my sister, Regina Jennings is an author for Bethany House Publishing. Her 5th book just came out and you can buy it here.

Over Thanksgiving, Chapel gave her a blank book and said he wanted her to write one. Being a good aunt.... no... a cool aunt... she sent this for Chapel's Birthday. We decided we had to share it, knowing her fans would enjoy seeing this side of her writing.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Chapel. He was the cutest boy in Missouri. He had 3 big brothers named Deacon, Bo & Jake.

One day Jake disappeared. Deacon looked in all the high places and couldn't find him. Bo didn't want to look for Jake. Instead he took Jake's ipod and started playing it.

Chapel was mad that Bo wouldn't help, so he had to find Jake by himself.

He searched the woods and found a book titled How to Fly.

Chapel climbed a tree and found a book titled How to Be a Dog.

Chapel looked in Annie's doghouse and found a book titled How to Be a Fish.

Chapel went to the pool, and there were Jake's clothes, but Jake wasn't in the pool.

Now Chapel had to go the bathroom. He went inside the house and started peeing in the urinal, and then saw a goldfish with brown hair swimming in the urinal. It was Jake!

Chapel didn't know what to do. He went and got Deacon. Deacon said, "Let's find the book How to Be the Best Boy Ever and maybe Jake can change back to a boy!?"

Bo came in and said "Don't let him read that. I want to keep his ipod."

Deacon said, "Come to think of it, I want to be the best. I think I'll read that for myself." 

Jake bubbled to Chapel "You have to help me!"

Chapel put Jake in a cup of clean water and hid him until he came home from school the next day. 

He brought 2 books home from the school library. Since Deacon had the "Best Boy" book, all he could let Jake read was How to Be a Charming Mess. But it worked. Just like magic Jake stopped being a goldfish and turned back into brother.

He hugged Chapel. "What is that other book he asked?"

Chapel said "I want to read it. It's called How to Be a Hero."

Jake smiled and just before he went to fight Bo, he said "You don't need that book, Chappy. You already are a hero!

The End

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