Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spiders, Mice, Lipstick and Bacon

What do Spiders, mice lipstick and bacon all have in common??? 

Nothing except the pics I have to share today. 

While leaving to go workout in the morning (yes it's dark then), I almost always walked thru a spider web going out my back door. I would cringe, wipe and shiver, imaging tiny little spiders crawling all over me. Finally deciding to get rid of Charlotte's Web for good, I purposely visited the door... uhhhhh...

Charlotte was MUCH, MUCH bigger than I had imagined :-( 

We are putting a pool in and the boys just can't wait. The other day after school, they decided it was good enough. Although they couldn't see their feet, they braved the cement pond.

(yes we've had a LOT of rain)

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised they were swimming, but I was considering this is what they had found in the pool the day before...

(and his sister)

You would think I would have learned by now to never leave my lipstick with bored boys.

And finally, Bo's friend, Katie, knows and never forgets him or his love for bacon :-)

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