Saturday, June 7, 2014

Deacon's "Ceremony" and the One Thing I Agree with the President About

We have often laughed at the below scene from the movie, The Incredibles. The very last part of this, he's complaining about 4th grade "graduation"... see if you agree??

A couple weeks ago, we got to experience this first hand.  Deacon had his 8th Grade Graduation/Ceremony. But what you say??? There's a ceremony and celebration for something that they're required by law to do? Yes, yes in fact there is. :-)

You will NEVER believe this, but I found something Obama and I agree on...
In a speech last Sunday at a Chicago church, Barack Obama took on the pomp and purpose of these ceremonies. “Now hold on a second — this is just eighth grade,” he said. “So, let’s not go over the top. Let’s not have a huge party. Let’s just give them a handshake.” He continued: “You’re supposed to graduate from eighth grade.”

Ok, enough of my cynicism... it was nice and I do really appreciate the school putting it together. It is a memory they will have and cherish.

Deacon gave the opening prayer & pledge.

(He was bothered when he saw this, that I took a pic during prayer. I assured him, someday he would appreciate it.)

Class of 2018 - Approximately 200 kids

Coach Fast gave a fast speech, recognizing what he'd learned from his students.  Deacon made the list... "if I want to talk politics or military strategy, I find Deacon."

Grandpa & Grandma Banner were happy to be there! 

It was fun seeing all the girls dressed up, and boys too :-) Thanks again to Unc D for helping shop, the bow tie made the day.

So, congratulations Deacon and classmates... congratulations on moving from the 8th grade to 9th.

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