Monday, April 21, 2014

Healthy Snacks are for the...For Real!

I've made some major changes in my family's diet! Chapel isn't allowed to have soda or candy and the other boys are encouraged to make healthy choices... and you know what I mean by healthy, right?

Really, anything but candy is healthy... I think.

So lately I've been buying SO responsibly! :) It was obvious they were enjoying the healthy snacks by how quick I was re-buying... they especially love Ritz Crackers & Cheese Dip Handi-Snacks.

The other day I was in the pantry cleaning and something caught my eye behind the deep-freeze. Oh... just a wrapper, someone was too lazy to find a trash can, GRRRR!!!! But as I got closer, I saw more than just one. Immediately I pulled the huge freezer away from the wall and much to my disgust I found...

...piles of wrappers.. what kind of LAZY BUMS am I raising??? As I started collecting them, along with other random things, I saw a common theme.

Someone had repeatedly eaten the crackers and left the cheese...

The cheese, you know, the healthy part!

The cheese, the expensive part!

The cheese, you know, what you use to ATTRACT mice! FOR REAL???!!!

When I confronted the boys, Bo hastily pointed at Jake, who said with a sheepish grin,

"whaaaattt??? I really like those crackers! Please don't tell dad!"

Of course I started my lecture on wastefulness, and slothfulness, and deceitfulness, and sloppiness, and... and... attractiveness (to mice of course!)

"WHY???!!! Why, Jake, wouldn't you at least throw the wrappers and cheese away? Not behind the freezer?!" I questioned.

"I did, most of them, but I was afraid you'd see them all so I started a different spot"

So now, we have the problem solved. I know what my Jaker likes! I will buy accordingly...

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