Saturday, October 19, 2013

This & That

 Chap made an apron in Preschool then wanted to cook. Sadly, his idea of cooking is like mine - opening a can.

We went and watched a dear friend play volleyball, entertainment in the stands.
Uncle D had another birthday :)

Banner Boy Sandwich - best kind to have!
Bo's creative photography.
Chapel helps feed Deacon's football team... bunch of monkeys!
 Deacon and his friends went to OKC to play in an airsoft war. They spent all day in this abandoned packing plant. There's NOTHING he would rather be doing... he's sharpening his soldier skills (scary thought for a mom!)
Watching the Go-Pro videos of the airsoft war.

Found this picture at my mom's. Now seriously, my sister was NOT that sweet... and I was not that fat! Just a reminder - my sister is an amazing author for Bethany House Publishing and you can read more from her here.

Enjoyed getting to see my grandparents compete in the Golden Age Games in Bolivar.

Happy 9th Birthday Jakin!!!

Enjoy these beautiful fall days!!!

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