Thursday, October 24, 2013

If I Were Miley Cyrus's Agent...

If I Were Miley Cyrus's Agent...

yes, yes, I know I'm not but IF I were I would have gone in a different direction.

Can Miley sing? YES! Is she beautiful? YES! Can she dance? YES! But so can hundreds of other girls, girls we sadly watched become women... women we shield our children from.

Miley's different though... or she could have been. Miley had the very rare gift of comedy and she had beauty  and acting to add to it. Have you ever watched Hannah Montana? She was brilliant (yes I know you're laughing at me, but I liked it.)

Miley reminded me of another beautiful woman who had the ability to always make me laugh...

Lucille Ball had a wildly long & successful career in modeling, acting and even producing.  She was unique, classy and loved by all.

So, Miley, you are heading in the wrong direction. You are just another provocative, singing star that will have a brief career no doubt. It's not too late, use your unique gift of humor and comedy, go down the road with Mr. Robert Frost...the road less traveled.


Jordan said...

I have secretly followed your blog for a long time! I came to "know" you through college. I have nominated you for a Liebster blogging award. Please just go to my page to accept and follow. Thank you for sharing your life in your blog!!

1EponineJMS said...

I love your blog <3 it is amazing C: and everything you said about miley cryus is so true /-\

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