Monday, August 12, 2013

Lunch Cart - Back to School

What's the worst thing you're likely to find in the school cafeteria?
The food!

The food in our school cafeteria is perfect.
If you're a bug!

How many of you loved school lunches?  I'm guessing not many. Me however, I loved it. Eating out was a treat and that was like eating out to me :)

Ever since I've had kids in school (9 years now, whoa!) I had the rule they had to eat school lunch 4 days of the week. THEY could pack THEIR lunch on the 5th if they wanted to take it. Over the years, I've heard numerous times...

"Emme's mom lets her take her lunch every day."
"Hunter's mom packs his lunch for him."
"Jace's mom brings him lunch every day."

And I'm sad to say, but at the end of last year, I broke down and gave in, "FINE, if you want to take your lunch every day YOU have to pack it every day."

And that is where the madness began!

Mornings were never the same. It was a continual state of rush, stress and chaos. We never had the right thing, we were out of drinks, we were low on PB, the meat was old, the chips were stale, the yogurt I bought yesterday was devoured hours after it hit the frig, there was no fruit to add (and I didn't want the lunch room attendant judging me.)

Finally, I had enough! This is when I thought of the LUNCH CART!

(insert singing angels here) AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

And now all my mornings have been solved! THE lunch cart holds what the boys need to pack a decent lunch. There is a key to the lunch cart so that I can lock it up and they won't "snack" on everything after school. (I love that part!!!) 

On top of my lunch cart is a mini-frig which holds Powerades, lunch meat, cheese and yogurt. 

All of this stays in my pantry for easy lunch-packing. The boys can now take their lunch every day, every day THEY choose to pack it.

The top drawer holds the infamous "brown bag" and 2 size ziplocks - snack & sandwich. Of course the bread is in the pantry as well as the PB. They make their sandwiches in the pantry, then use the ziplocks here.

The second drawer holds beef jerky and fruit snacks.

Third drawer down is fruit, mainly mandarin oranges and pineapple. Sometimes I get ambitious and cut up fresh fruit and have it in the frig ready for them, but this drawer's contents are always ready to go!

Fourth drawer holds some dairy, pudding and cheese crackers. Plastic spoons are readily available in the pantry.

The favorite drawer contains treats! YUM!!! On a good day I'll make them brownies or cookies but these are the standby.

Last but not least, the biggest, bottom drawer is overflowing with chips. If we're running low or I have the time, I will pre-ziplock bags of chips.

So there you have it, the success to our mornings. You can buy one of these carts at Sam's here or make something of your own. I love this cart mainly because of the lock. This one is also a good option if space is an issue. It could set on top of the cabinet somewhere.
Yes, they are tool boxes but stainless steel is in right now and I love the butcher block top.

If you have any other ideas that go along with this, or tips on great school lunches or tips on children not driving parent's crazy these last few days before school starts...  please share!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great You're Joyful

I have got one myself because like 10 decades. I enjoy it also, not modded as yours however.

Currently it doesn't operate, it chokes if warm. Brought into some neigbour of mine and he will find a deeper look at it.

It seems just like a few have had trouble using the automatic decompression valve, so do yours have this?

Have a fantastic day!

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