Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chapel's Thoughts on Baptism

Many people baptize in different places. Before our church had a baptistery, we would all meet at a river or pond.

 I loved this, the thoughts of my ancestors doing this years before in the same way... honoring and obeying God in the beautiful place He created.

Some churches meet at a swimming pool, maybe a river or pond isn't accessible?
Or maybe they prefer water that animals haven't occupied? :)
Wouldn't this be nice?
Baptism in the ocean! Now that sounds "heavenly"!
But now our church has a baptistery, it's not built in, we just roll it out and fill it up when needed. The boys always notice when it's out and ready.
Last Sunday was one of those days. Chapel excitedly proclaimed,
"The Bathtub is out! Who is getting Bath-tized"?
We tried so hard to hold our giggles... but failed.

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wheelsup said...

The thoughts of kids are always so straight forward and honest.

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