Monday, July 22, 2013

The Forts in Bannerville

Boys being boys melts my heart every time! (Sandlot has always been one of my favorite movies.) Boys should be ornery but yet respectful, stinky but yet wear deodorant, fearless but yet... fearless!    Boys should ride bikes, play sports, shoot guns, collect turtles and climb trees. Mommas... let your boys be BOYS! :)

Part of being a Banner Boy is air soft wars! Our friend, Mr. Bob, spent a lot of his free time, building forts for the wars. Want to share this precious real estate with you, located on our land just North of our home.
Fort Banner
2 story, 3 room fort. Complete with slide and staircase. 

Fort Robert (named after the builder, Mr. Bob)
1 room, 1 ramp and 1 firemen's pole for a quick escape. This fort even has room to park under it.

Fort Chapel
1 room, 1 story, complete with roof.

As you can tell, Mr Bob spoiled us with his building skills. If you get some free time, come visit Bannerville and play air soft with the boys. Be respectful, wear deodorant and leave your fears at home! ;)

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