Monday, July 22, 2013

The Forts in Bannerville

Boys being boys melts my heart every time! (Sandlot has always been one of my favorite movies.) Boys should be ornery but yet respectful, stinky but yet wear deodorant, fearless but yet... fearless!    Boys should ride bikes, play sports, shoot guns, collect turtles and climb trees. Mommas... let your boys be BOYS! :)

Part of being a Banner Boy is air soft wars! Our friend, Mr. Bob, spent a lot of his free time, building forts for the wars. Want to share this precious real estate with you, located on our land just North of our home.
Fort Banner
2 story, 3 room fort. Complete with slide and staircase. 

Fort Robert (named after the builder, Mr. Bob)
1 room, 1 ramp and 1 firemen's pole for a quick escape. This fort even has room to park under it.

Fort Chapel
1 room, 1 story, complete with roof.

As you can tell, Mr Bob spoiled us with his building skills. If you get some free time, come visit Bannerville and play air soft with the boys. Be respectful, wear deodorant and leave your fears at home! ;)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Uniform Closet

Sports are a big part of our lives, and always have been. Dwain's dad, Charlie, played semi-pro baseball while serving in the Army. My dad, Rex, played basketball in college. Dwain played basketball in college and went on to coach girls' basketball for 10 years. Dwain's brother, Darin, played in college and went on to coach boys' basketball and now is one of the top officials in SWMO. All the Banner boys now play and love sports. Almost as important as the sport is the uniform... at least in our family :) Owning a screen printing business makes it easy to be "uniform obsessive" as I like to call Dwain.

When we were first married (before kids), Dwain played a lot of slow pitch softball. It only took a couple times of me not getting his uniform washed and ready for the next game to realize... it was MY JOB to have that done. My mother-in-law, Mary Kay, had set a PERFECT standard when it came to getting uniforms cleaned in a timely (and spotless) manner.

Now that we have 4 boys, playing on multiple teams and multiple sports, I've had to come up with a method of KNOWING where everything is at the right, exact time we need to walk out the door.

My solution has been a "uniform closet." I want all the jerseys, pants, shoes, flippers, goggles, belts, hats at my fingertips. I don't want to have to dig through their closet to find something. Who needs a coat closet anyway, ours is now the uniform closet. Located right next to my laundry room, it's easy to make SURE all gear is available.
It's not usually this neat :) I organized for the picture. all cleats are present, still stinky, and ready for the next game.
4 hats, 4 belts, 4 pants... check, check, check.
2 jerseys per player/kid 2x4=8. Sleeves and fan gear.
Swim goggles, flippers, jammers, swim caps... and lots more... ready to
"just keep swimming"

We're organized and ready to go until the next sport rolls around... soon this baseball and swim gear will be replaced by football uniforms and pads. Good thing I ♥ Banner Boys :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where's Chapel?

How many times have you realized it was really quiet around your house, only to panic, knowing you hadn't seen a kid in awhile? Come-on... make me feel like a better mother, please tell me it has happened to you too?

Last Friday was nothing new.

We were rushing around, trying to get ready to leave town for a week. The "quiet & eery" finally dawned on me... "WHERE'S CHAPEL?" I started the panic search around the house. The boys gave their usual answer to everything "I don't know."

Running upstairs, then downstairs hollering, listening... still nothing.

The calming thought occurred to me maybe he fell asleep somewhere? Trying to stay peaceful, I started the search looking under beds and in closets... still nothing.

Okay okay, don't get alarmed, I told myself, I'm sure he's outside. There are tons of places he could be playing. "Chhhaaaaapppppeeeeeelllll?".... still nothing.

Just as hysteria was about to set in, I heard a faint cry and thought well at least he's still alive, no telling what condition he's in! Using our voices to unite, we met up somewhere between the garage and the playground.

The crying Chapel didn't appreciate my laugh as I saw the "predicament" he'd been in!

And he was really annoyed that I wouldn't release him until Boss & the boys could laugh too.

Lessons learned:

Moms - know where your children are and what they are doing at all times.

Children - It is not a good idea to get in a small baby swing when there is no one around to rescue you.

We still aren't sure how Chapel escaped the swing set but we are confident he will no longer use the baby swing. (As I was finishing this blog, Chapel walked up and saw the picture and said "That is NOT funny, mom!"
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