Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nice Work - GM Card Marketing Team!

Marketing ideas vary drastically from company to company. Once a year, Kim John* and I visit a trade show in Dallas to brainstorm and see new inventions. We have fun seeing crazy ideas like this...
but sometimes it's hard figuring out how we can relate them to OUR customers.

In my opinion (which isn't worth much) I think marketing (ad specialty items) should fall into the following criteria...

1. Be in the customer's "space"
    -this simply means, be where the intended person will see it, often. I especially like if it's in their personal space, not just their work space. 

2. Be "useful" to the customer
    -many people can come up with "cute" ideas, but if it's something the customer can't use, they will quickly get rid of it.

3. Be long-lasting
    -as you know I ♥ candy, but M&M's that have your company name on them will get eaten and forgotten. Give your customers something they will use over and over.

Today I received a package from GM Business Card that held a PERFECTLY, LOVELY gift and a BRILLIANTLY PLANNED marketing strategy. 

Marketing and customer relations go hand-in-hand. If you have good relations with current customers, they will do the marketing for you. This is a WONDERFUL example of marketing & customer relations combined.

The Starbucks travel mug meets the criteria I have listed above to a tee! It will stay in my personal & business space (my kitchen, my car, & my desk). It is completely useful to me!!! Especially considering the bar code on the cup acts as a $15 gift card to Starbucks.

Do you think I will throw this away when the money is used off of it?? No chance, I can re-fill the gift card on the mug and use over and over again! Brilliant!

Thank you GM Business Card for thinking of me and your marketing team should get a BONUS :)

If you need help choosing marketing items, contact Creator Designs for ideas and inspiration. Kim John* (1st my friend, 2nd the Ad Specialty Manager) will be glad to help... and you thought we had hired Jase Robertson ;)!

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