Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fishing with Grandma

The boys and Grandma Mary Kay share a love for fishing, and I'm so glad they do because I don't :) Fishing is one of those things all boys should do, right? Well I'm thankful Grandma is here to teach them the ropes lines.

Friday the boys were out of school so Grandma & Grandpa came to town and took everyone fishing at an employee's pond.

They had a blast and Chapel and Dwain kept hitting a "hot spot" however the biggest catch of the day was by Deacon's friend, Zach.

Overall the day was a success, we are so thankful Dan let the boys fish and now we are ready for a fish-fry!
Chapel then went home with Grandma & Grandpa and spent the week fishing more!

Grandma even provides "fishing clothing" :)! Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for the life skill you are teaching these boys!
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