Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bobbleheads, Balls and Brothers

If the boys aren't entertained, they're fighting.... physically and verbally. This quickly gets old and I get so tired of saying "stop fighting, be nice, the Bible says to love one another," etc, etc. I've gotten where I just throw out a punishment, "run around the house 2 times, run the stairs 15 times, 10 push-ups, " etc, etc.

Growing up I babysat a family of 4 boys, the Crossley boys. I was continually impressed with the way they loved each other. Anytime one of them would go to the store or on a trip, they would come back with something for the other one. Now I'm sure they fought, I just never saw it.

Thankfully this weekend the Banner boys made me smile in the same way!

Deacon and Jake went with some friends to Columbia to a MU baseball game. Bo was left at home with Chapel and mom & dad. We took them shopping and when Bo saw this soldier bobblehead, he just had to buy it for Deacon. :)

Later that night, Bo was up late waiting on Deacon to come home, anxious to give him the gift. I noticed he was on his ipod a lot. Once he fell asleep I grabbed it to see what he'd been doing. I was so pleased to see that he had been texting his big brother...

There's nothing like brotherly love!!!
Sunday morning they were exchanging hugs after waking up, Bo of course presented the Bobblehead and was given the foul ball Deacon caught at the MU game.

 So at least for today, my Banner boys are loving each and acting like the Crossley's.

And as I was typing this blog, Chapel and Jake were going at it (for real) ... "30 seconds of wall sits, boys!"

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Airsoft Warriors

These boys are ATE UP with airsoft. Any time they get on the computer is spent shopping for more gear or watching game ideas on youtube. I guess there are worse things they could be doing :)
They dream of defending our country someday, we respect so much the men and women who are doing that now! 
The night before a "war" Deacon and Bo get everything ready to go.

Even Chapel prepares :)

He has a few years to go yet... thankfully!
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