Monday, January 14, 2013

I Always Wanted the Perfect Dog... For Real

Since I've had a family of my own, I always wanted the perfect dog. It's no secret to our friends and family... we are terrible dog owners!!!

First we had Boomer, a gorgeously huge golden retriever. Boomer was a lil too crazy for us. We sent him to obedience school, just to have them recommend we sell him... to be a drug dog because of his "excessive energy".

My quest for the perfect dog didn't end. Living spontaneously, we saw an Australian Shepherd puppy for sell and bought her right up... without researching the breed of course :) Well Sally was a sweet dog but she belonged on a ranch, herding sheep... not in our home, trying to herd hyper little boys. So it was a no brainer when we heard a friend had lost his Australian Shepherd (also named Sally). What could we do except generously give him our annoying beloved Sally??

What was the problem???

You've heard the saying

“There's no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner.”

But I didn't want to give up! I mean, a house full of boys needs a dog, right??!! So we tried again. Another Golden, this time a girl... Maggie (named after Dwain's Grandma). She was great, my perfect dog! Except one time we took her to my in-laws and almost had a family division after she chewed Grandma's wicker settee. Maggie loved to chew, but she was still a puppy.

Sad story... Maggie died before her first birthday. It broke our ♥. After years of searching, our perfect dog left us early. 

I wasn't going to rush into a new relationship too soon! I didn't want to make a mistake with a "rebound" dog. We waited quite awhile, but after we got settled in a different house, my "puppy fever" returned. 

We went back to the same breeder (Lance Roweton) that sold us Maggie and got pick of a litter. We had learned our lesson(s). We picked the laziest, least friendly, most boring, smallest puppy of the bunch. 

I'm happy to announce Annie is our perfect MOST LOVED dog! We had her now almost three years and she truly is a part of our family. She thinks she's one of the boys!

And.... she acts like one of them. She's not prissy. I always saw pictures in home decor magazines where the dog was a "fixture" looking like the perfect dog!

But that's not exactly our Annie!

She's one of the boys, a "tom-dog" you might say. She likes to play with them... wherever that is...

In this case, it was the pond :)

But we're so thankful and love her! She's our princess... you just won't be seeing her like this...

So, whatever your style of dog.. be patient and open minded, your perfect dog might not be exactly what you thought... it might be better :)

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