Friday, December 28, 2012


My grandpa has so many funny/cute little sayings. We all have heard them for years and can quote them all! Some of them are...
After he took a bad fall, he assured us "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
Do you know what's ILLEGAL? A sick bird!
Great day for the race... the human race.
The Lord has done great things for us, therefore we are glad. Ps 126:3
One of our favorites is "SOS... Scoot Over Some"

My brother sent me this funny pic with the caption "SOS". It made me smile and I hope it does you too. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Vacation... Every 6 Years

Now don't feel sorry for us, we get to go plenty of places... ball games, business deliveries, visiting family... but we don't take very many family vacations. Dwain HATES vacations! He likes to work, only. The last one was 6 years ago, but this year I was determined to go. The boys were all a good age to visit Disney so I started "planning" our trip.

Now most of you know what a planner I am... always thinking ahead, HAHAHA. We booked our airline tickets and hotel to go to Orlando about a week or two before we went. The boys remembered Legoland was in Florida, so that had to be on the agenda too. Off we went, taking everyone out of school and DRAGGING Dwain away from the shop.
(Chap's face cracks me up!)

It was Bo, Jake, and Chapel's first time to fly, commercially (they fly often with Papa Rex.) They were all so excited!

Our first theme park was Disney. The night before we started googling tips for the Magic Kingdom and quickly realized we should have started that 6 months earlier. Thankful for last minute tips from Facebook friends, we got crash-course advice.

It was... magical ;)

I told the boys it was hard to look tough in a teacup but they did their best.

Chap and I rode this over and over again, waiting on the bruders to ride the big-boy rides.

Some days I'd like them to be tied up!

The next day we were at Universal Studios. We enjoyed the Despicable Me show the most!

It was also fun seeing all the characters.

Our 3rd and best day was spent at Legoland. Deacon loved the rides at Universal but all together this was our favorite park. It was so clean, friendly and not crowded. They had such cool attractions!

This Legoland was built over the old Cypress Gardens so it had especially amazing landscaping. This was so interesting to me, Dwain and I have always loved renovating rather than building new so we enjoyed seeing how they restored a theme park :)

We were there on October 18th - Jake's birthday. He wants to be a builder, lego-builder that is, so it was the PERFECT place to celebrate with our Jaker.

Seriously impressive displays! I'm so impressed with the Lego company as a whole, we ♥ legos!!!

Lego Driving School

Lock-down the Banners!

And this place... Build-A-Car, we could have spent hours!!! The boys walked in and were given 4 wheels each. Then they got to pick from all the parts in the room to create their own car. There were ramps and racetracks... all kinds of fun ways to test your creation. 

We had a GREAT week and look forward to our next vacation... when Deacon's 18! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Itchy Bum... For Real

Last night one of the boys (who will remain anonymous) came to me upset that his bottom was itchy. "Mom, it hurts so bad... I cleaned it so good too! I even used wipes!" I had no solutions to help rather than "well go take a shower" and apparently that helped because I never heard another complaint. This morning as I was cleaning the boys' bathroom I discovered the problem...
Disinfecting Wipes aren't the same as wet wipes. :)

 Just like McDonald's coffee requires a disclaimer
 "Coffee is  Hot"
Disinfecting Wipes should make the disclaimer
"May Cause Itchy Bum"

Thursday, December 13, 2012

KFC Mishap... For Real

After a ball game we stopped at the local KFC. The boys were rowdy as usual and I was having trouble keeping up with them all. Bo announced to the restaurant he had to go #2 and then he disappeared.  After 15 minutes I realized I hadn't seen him... sent Jake to check out the situation. Poor Bo had been locked/stuck in the bathroom the whole time. It took 3 KFC employees and a patient dad to coach him out of the...  stinky predicament.
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