Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Bubble Wrap Sunday

We noticed right before we went to bed that Chapel had "bites" all over his bottom. Well we knew he had been outside so we assumed we had another fight with chiggers. Thursday morning I had an early meeting and got a phone call from Dwain, "Chap has chickenpox."

Dr. Harris told us to keep him cool, don't let him scratch too much, told us what meds he needed and then said "All the other boys have had their vaccinations, not sure how Chapel slipped by us?" One of my favorite friends immediately started laughing when she heard this "that fourth child always gets forgotten." In my mind though I was blaming the dr's office. I knew I had taken him in, asking for all his shots. It wasn't until Deacon reminded me, "Mom, remember the nurse thought Chap had had too many shots that day and told YOU to bring him back in after a week or so to finish up the vaccinations" then I realized it WAS MY FAULT. My poor little sweet baby would suffer through the pox because of me.

Luckily good friends made things better by bringing gifts and candy... but he still itched!

Friday afternoon Deacon and I and some friends took off for Columbia, MO for a swim meet at MU. We are trying to sell our Suburban so we took my little car. Just as we got past the first Eldon exit, a deer chose to play chicken with us... and we both lost. My car would no longer get us to Columbia.

Things couldn't have worked out better though because as you know, Grandpa & Grandma Banner live in Eldon. They showed up within 20 minutes and sent us on our way in their car.

Saturday's swim meet went well. Deacon got to swim in a pool that played underwater music and held a Micheal Phelps World Record. We headed back later that afternoon, stopped in Eldon for lunch, then Grandpa & Grandma offered to drive the car-less crew back to Bolivar.

Just as we were getting close to Bolivar, my phone rang... Dwain proceeded to explain Bo had hit his head playing basketball and on their way home he started getting nauseous and losing his vision. Dr. Harris told Dwain to get to the ER. Darin was at our house watching chickenpox-Chap, Grandma & Grandpa offered to stay for awhile so Darin and I jumped in the car and headed to Cox South. This is what I found when I walked in Bo's room...
Bo had started vomiting at the ER so they got very serious about his treatment. After hours and hours and hours and a cat scan, they decided he had a concussion. They moved him to another room, unhooked him and started making sure he could see, eat and walk. We could tell Bo was perking up when he pointed out the new room's number.
(Bo wears #1 on most uniforms)

FINALLY we got home and started to process all that had happened in the last 3 days. 

We thank God for his protection over our family. There were so many things that could have turned out much, much worse than it did. We could see God's provision in every situation. I must admit though, I am a spoiled child in the family of God. As we were sitting in the hospital with Bo I had a peace about everything. I just knew my "Father" would see things through, I knew Bo would be fine and even felt confident he would get to go home that night. 

However I am compelled to acknowledge that things won't always be "okay," there will be those times when tragedy strikes. Does that mean my "Father" DIDN'T see things through? That he doesn't want to spoil me or that he doesn't love me anymore or loves me less than He use to? 
By all means, NO! 

When I am stricken, 
when I feel hopeless, 
when I feel alone, 
I pray I will still KNOW I have a loving heavenly Father, 
I pray I will still praise Him,
I pray I will still look to Him for comfort, and
I pray I can honor him through trials. 
This should be our cry
   "the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD."

Thank you Lord for the comfort You give us when we seek You!!

So today, Sunday... I am "bubble wrapping" my family in prayer.

(Funny side-story... while the nurse was hooking Bo up to IV's, explaining the needle and taking blood, etc., Jake leaned over to Unc D and said "I hope it hurts!" hahaha brotherly love)

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