Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election, Dust and Child Abandonment... For Real!

For years I have wanted to work an election. I volunteered a long time ago but never got the call until recently. Excited to learn the ropes polls, I showed up a little after 5am for a long day.

In elections you have to have a team of "election judges" and the team has to be balanced, 1 Republican and 1 Democrat. Each team checks in the voter (using an ipad for the first time in county history) and signs off on the ballot. Willa was my counterpart :)
Now she is the most precious thing, but don't let her sweetness fool you, she's a trickster! Willa made the most AMAZING apple crunch, and I mean to die for!!! I kept creeping off to the kitchen to devour it and it's highly probable that was her plan all along... that sneaky Willa was stuffing ballots while I was gone... I suspect :)

Half way through the day my handsome husband called and seemed a little disturbed. The construction project at our house had gotten a little a lot messy. While grinding/cutting a concrete floor in the basement for an additional bathroom, the air-return vent had been left open. The entire house was now COVERED in concrete dust, well, see for yourself...
Now I'm no housekeeper, but usually it's not this bad :) Being the wonderful man he is (and fearful for his life) he had a cleaning crew there in no time. I would never even have to see the mess, all the while I was still happily working the polls, getting full on apple crunch.

Naive to how the election was going, we happily closed our precinct, balanced our ballots and headed out around 8pm. While driving home I got a call from a strange number:
"Mrs. Banner?"
"Your son, Jake, is here at the Y and he is wondering if anyone can come get him? He's been waiting for about an hour."
"I'll be right there"
 It had been a long day for everyone and unfortunately that was before we had even started hearing election results.... :(

(PS: Don't turn Willa in, I was kidding about all that... except the yummy-ness of the apple crunch.)

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