Monday, October 29, 2012


 For my friends without Instagram, an update on our life...

 Fall in Banner-land
One of my only Pinterest projects, and Jake's toy. Is this a boys' house or what? Jake said the beans were quick-sand. :)
Have I mentioned I love being a sport's mom? This fall I created a section in my closet for school-spirit.
 Creator Designs - Breast Cancer Awareness tee
 He totally knows how adorable he is! Is there a modeling career in his future? After being so spoiled, he might not be good for much else.
Daddy's guard dog! She knows what Dwain loves.
Mommy's helper... keep those boys asleep Annie!
As I put on the Cold-Gear, headband, ipod, gps watch and sunglasses I thought... geez, when did running get so complicated?
Chapel begs to go to work with Dwain. He loves to "print"... ok, ok... maybe we'll skip modeling and go for a real job :)
Enjoyed a date with my precious mom and ornery dad. We went and saw Atlas Shrugged 2.

Pulled up at the bank and saw these bikes outside. It struck me funny... times are so bad they're repossessing bikes.
 Deacon brought some friends to cheer him on at the swim meet... great buds.
My favorite swimmer... this day anyway :)

You're thinking I'm at Bass Pro right?? No! It's my kitchen and I am in HUGE protest right now!!! Yes I agree it's a pretty bird BUT if we display everything all the #bannerboys kill, my house will look like a lodge... booooo It's time they buy a cabin :)

And last but not least, this is my favorite thing to do! Oh please don't grow up!!!

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