Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween... Evil or Not?

Hard to believe there would be anything evil about this? What a cutie... this is Chapel in 2009. I think almost every baby of mine wore this pumpkin suit, ♥ it!

But what Halloween represents is evil. My kids get creeped out by people's intense decorations, all the graveyards and skeletons. After studying up on Halloween one year, Dwain and I decided we didn't want any part of it. Living in a busy neighborhood, we shut our front door (which is never shut) and turned off the outside lights (rare also.) Our plans were to have a good evening as a family at home, feeling quite righteous... until the doorbell rang. 

We all stared at each other, we hadn't talked about what we would do in this situation. I reluctantly went to the door and cringed as I saw trick-or-treaters with eager eyes, holding up bags, expecting a special gift. Starting to explain, "we are Christians and we don't choose to celebrate Halloween because..." their empty faces stared at me; they didn't understand. All they could hear was "I'm not giving you candy, blah blah blah, I'm a Christian, blah blah blah." 

After several episodes of this, it was that Halloween that Dwain and I agreed, this would never happen again! As youth in our churches we had often went door-to-door witnessing, hoping someone would accept a track. From the day we were married we knew our house would be a tool to serve the Lord. We loved and encouraged company and wanted everyone to feel welcome. It was these two things that made us realize how crazy it was to not give the GOOD NEWS and hospitality to our community. We would never again have a dark, un-loving front porch, we would never again have nothing to offer those at our door, we would never again miss an opportunity to love our neighbor. 

Our Game Plan: now Halloween is one of the most memorable nights of the year in our home. The boys dress up and look forward to giving others candy, often inviting their friends and classmates. My brilliant sister, Becky, wrote this poem for us to attach to our candy bars, and feel free to use it for yourself...
“Our gift to you, a special treat. Tasty candy for all to eat. But we like to tell all we meet... We know of a gift, twice as sweet. God gives Jesus, His only Son, Who came and died for everyone. You can accept God’s gift today,When the candy’s gone, Jesus will stay!”

We do give full candy bars, wanting to surprise people with an extra "treat" along with the message they receive. We want our house to stand out to them as one filled with love, hopefully pointing them to our loving, generous Father in Heaven.

Where do you stand on Halloween? Do you have a game plan? Whatever it is... "love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love oneanother. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35

Praise the Lord... what Satan means for evil, our God can turn to good!


Nikki Netherton said...

That is very interesting, Trina! I think I was in first grade when my mom explained Halloween's evil history to me and my brother and let us choose if we wanted to celebrate it or not. I chose not to, and have not celebrated it since. Kyle chose to celebrate it. I have always been very anti-Halloween, but I really like your way of going about it. If you don't mind, I think I will steel your idea - especially when we have kids. I like how you are sharing God's love, but it sounds like your not going door-to-door, so you're not, like, "all in" on the Halloween thing - the emphases is on the sharing. Great way to be in the world, but not OF it!

Nikki Netherton said...

What kind of feedback have you gotten from the little Jesus poem? Do you know if it has made a difference for anyone?

Megan @ A Blossoming Homestead said...

I wrote a post on this last year (I think it was last year) Skyler and I both grew up celebrating Halloween, but we weren't sure it was the best thing to celebrate such an "evil" day. Basically, we decided Satan doesn't get a day. Every day is a day the Lord has made, and we will rejoice and be glad in HIM! Our church has a harvest party so we dress up and help out with that every year. It is a great outreach. We don't live in town, so unfortunately we don't get trick-or-treaters! I love the poem and the idea of giving candy in this way!

Anonymous said...

The Fees family decided early on that everyday was God's and that Satan would take them all if we allowed it. So every year I bought 2 pumpkins. One we carved with a big cross and the other with a smile face. As I carved the smile face, I'd always tell the illustration of how salvation cleans us out....etc. They look great lit up on your front porch. When the girls were real little, we'd then hold hands and sing "This Little Light of Mine" Great memories.

Kdj said...

Thank you for sharing! Love the poem and will be sharing it with our community as we pass out candy!

Jim Mazzulla said...

We did basically the same thing for the last two halloweens. While the day represents evil. I want to share Christ with my neighbors, and this is a great opportunity to have many coming right to my door. We even played Praise and worship music in the background :-)

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love this!!! Do you have the pdf of the poem anywhere to where we could just make changes and print it out with all your cute decorations? Thanks for sharing!

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