Friday, September 21, 2012

Feed the Lizards!

Jake is our animal/nature lover! He is constantly climbing a tree, petting a dog or caging a reptile. He'll pick anything up, look up what it eats and make it a habitat. After a bad experience with some frogs "overheating" this summer we made the rule that he can only keep an animal caged 24 hours. So for the day he has them, look out... Who's Your Daddy?? JAKE!
Yesterday, Jake captured this little buddy, I think he named him "Cole" after Deacon's QB. So Cole went to football practice with Jake yesterday, to the YMCA swimming pool and now he resides on my kitchen cabinet :) Last night Jake discovered (thank you Google) that Cole likes bugs. Jake spent an hour with the fly-swatter chasing down dinner for Cole. So this morning Jake asked me "Can I get Cole some bugs to eat?" Thinking he would go outside and dig some up worms or kill a few more flies I agreed... then the following happened...
Jake had found the best place to collect dinner for his prisoner... my WINDOWSILL! 
I chuckle when I think about this little, creative, monkey God gave me!

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