Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daily Jobs, more of the Banner Planner

I've had a few people ask about more details on the front section of the Banner Planner, so here ya go...

After making my friend a Banner Planner, she suggested I make my daily jobs page so that I could use it repeatedly. Thought that was a GREAT idea so I updated my list for this school year and slipped it into a clear sheet protector. I added scripture to each section of jobs, just as extra motivation :)!

Now this list is not all I do in a day (contrary to what Boss thinks), it's just what I feel like I MUST do to keep "up."

The very next page is another to-do list, but this one is random. I like to keep it on plain paper so that I can just get a new piece at any point. Also I like to mark through the list so that I can still see everything so that I know what I did!

I have found that if I keep my Banner Planner open and on my desk I use it like I should. If you have to go open it every time you want to record a date, add to the grocery list or check off a "to-do" then you're way less likely to use it.

Here is where my Banner Planner stays unless we are having company...

If you want any more info, files, or fonts that I'm using here, message me and I will email it to you.

Have you made a Banner Planner of your own? If you have let me know and I will send you a fun label. The joys of having graphic designers on staff is that you get great custom artwork for every project you dream up :)

 Just email me:

  •  picture of your planner 
  • any tips you did that make it work better for you 
  • the address to where you want the label sent 
Thanks so much, enjoy!

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