Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boston and the 40th Celebration

One of these sisters turned 40 but I'm not telling who and it's NOT me! So to celebrate we let that sister choose where to go on a girls' trip. Now I don't mean to give it away but instead of a beach destination or a shopping destination this sister chose the historical Boston. She decided where we would visit and she worked out all the details. She also had to inform the rest of us of the significance of most sites.
U.S.S Constitution
Beck and I at Bunker Hill
the whole crew! We were blessed to take the "older" sisters, Mom & Aunt Nancy :) This was on the top balcony of some fancy library Regina was excited about. Becky kept telling our tour guide that Regina was a published author and I was amazed they had George Washington's toe nails (or was it two nails??)

I don't know why I thought this was funny but one of these ladies is gawking at a celebrity and the other is considering the trip she just made on the Mayflower... can you figure it out?

Plimoth Plantation - this was my favorite place. It was so interesting to learn everything. Meena cracked us up, she wasn't impressed. She couldn't believe we paid $25 to see "huts" of which she'd seen MANY in India. Oh, and the lady in the top left is a Native American, not an Indian like our precious Meena ;)

Old South Meeting House - it was fun to imagine being there and hearing the debates. We're so thankful our ancestors chose to fight for our freedom. Becky was trying to hush this lady... who later started Planned Parenthood.

my beautiful mama buying us some fresh fruit... cute bananas, huh?

We had soooooo much fun! It was great being together. We acted like kids, mom tried all week to keep us in line. I look forward to turning 40 so we can do this again, maybe we'll go to a beach though :)

We had a rain delay and all found shelter under the awnings. I loved this picture of Regina!
I ♥ these people! While leaving Plymoth, Becky, Regina and I decided we could walk to the bus stop. My GPS said it was only 2 miles so we took off. Meena, Mom and Nancy decided on a taxi. After we had walked 40 minutes we realized the GPS was deceptive. Needless to say when we arrived at the bus stop we were a little sweaty and mom was VERY nervous but all was good :)

Regina was the tour-guide, Meena took all the US history in, Beck and I met TONS of people and mom and Nancy laughed at the chaos. Thank you husbands for watching all the kids!!!

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