Monday, September 10, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football??!!

It's time for football in the the Ozarks and we couldn't be more excited! This year marks the 1st for the next 15 years that we will hopefully have kids in school sports. What a joy! So here we go with football...

Deacon had his first game and did great! He played running back and corner on defense. They won 40-0 and he had one touchdown. Yes, I'm bragging (sorry) and I won't do it again :)


We were so happy that Papa and Nammy (my parents) made it to the game!

The boys can't get enough football because they are now trying to work in a game of flag football every chance they get.

This last weekend Bo was asked to attend a Mizzou football game with some friends, he loved it!

Also another first, Chapel started "school"..well kinda. He begs, I mean BEGS to go to school like "da bruders" so we decided to let him attend Little Liberators, a daycare/preschool, a few days a week. He LOVES it and says "I don't want you to walk me in, I can go by myself. He is so big :)

And finally, I saw this sign at a store this week and I should have bought it! Being the only female in the house I often call myself the Queen, but then I say I feel more like the slave. Thought this sign was perfectly fitting :) 

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