Friday, September 28, 2012

Thank You Bolivar Schools

Last Thursday at the school board meeting Creator Designs was honored by Bolivar Schools as the Outstanding Business Partner of the Month. We really appreciate this honor and owe the schools more thanks than they can ever give us!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sticky Ball

We love to eat at our local Breadeaux Pizza! It's amazingly YUMMY, perfect for kids with a play-place, and the boys love all the 25¢ candy/toy machines. Jake always grabs a quarter from home to buy a sticky ball, today was no different except that his buddy Cael went with us so they both grabbed a quarter.

After being there awhile I overheard Chapel crying for Jake's sticky ball... nothing new.

Later we sat down to eat and I noticed Chapel playing with a piece of chewed gum. I scolded him and told him to take it to the trash. He protested "but Jake gave me this sticky ball!" I looked at Jake and a sheepish smile emerged.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Have a Complex... For Real

Do I look insecure in this picture? Can you guess why I do? I HAVE A COMPLEX!!! FOR REAL! 

Can you guess what it is?

 - The crow's feet by my eyes? Nope! Don't love em but I am 37!
 - My dress is slightly too tight even after I went up a size? Nope! I'll just run extra next week.
 - The grey hairs that show up quicker after every highlight? Nope! I pull them out.
 - My bad posture? Nope! This seems to only bother my mom.

Can't guess? Well I'll be REAL and tell you!

I only have 39 followers on this blog. Geez, I know it started out just for family, like a family scrapbook per-say, 5 YEARS AGO but comon... 39!!!??? For Real??? My friend Angie has 873!! She has only been blogging since... last month? And guess what she blogs about? MY KIDS! (and a few other things.)

So now you know my complex. If you want to help out, then "follow" me to the right where it says "Join this Site" otherwise... I'll keep being paranoid ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Feed the Lizards!

Jake is our animal/nature lover! He is constantly climbing a tree, petting a dog or caging a reptile. He'll pick anything up, look up what it eats and make it a habitat. After a bad experience with some frogs "overheating" this summer we made the rule that he can only keep an animal caged 24 hours. So for the day he has them, look out... Who's Your Daddy?? JAKE!
Yesterday, Jake captured this little buddy, I think he named him "Cole" after Deacon's QB. So Cole went to football practice with Jake yesterday, to the YMCA swimming pool and now he resides on my kitchen cabinet :) Last night Jake discovered (thank you Google) that Cole likes bugs. Jake spent an hour with the fly-swatter chasing down dinner for Cole. So this morning Jake asked me "Can I get Cole some bugs to eat?" Thinking he would go outside and dig some up worms or kill a few more flies I agreed... then the following happened...
Jake had found the best place to collect dinner for his prisoner... my WINDOWSILL! 
I chuckle when I think about this little, creative, monkey God gave me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Daily Jobs, more of the Banner Planner

I've had a few people ask about more details on the front section of the Banner Planner, so here ya go...

After making my friend a Banner Planner, she suggested I make my daily jobs page so that I could use it repeatedly. Thought that was a GREAT idea so I updated my list for this school year and slipped it into a clear sheet protector. I added scripture to each section of jobs, just as extra motivation :)!

Now this list is not all I do in a day (contrary to what Boss thinks), it's just what I feel like I MUST do to keep "up."

The very next page is another to-do list, but this one is random. I like to keep it on plain paper so that I can just get a new piece at any point. Also I like to mark through the list so that I can still see everything so that I know what I did!

I have found that if I keep my Banner Planner open and on my desk I use it like I should. If you have to go open it every time you want to record a date, add to the grocery list or check off a "to-do" then you're way less likely to use it.

Here is where my Banner Planner stays unless we are having company...

If you want any more info, files, or fonts that I'm using here, message me and I will email it to you.

Have you made a Banner Planner of your own? If you have let me know and I will send you a fun label. The joys of having graphic designers on staff is that you get great custom artwork for every project you dream up :)

 Just email me:

  •  picture of your planner 
  • any tips you did that make it work better for you 
  • the address to where you want the label sent 
Thanks so much, enjoy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football??!!

It's time for football in the the Ozarks and we couldn't be more excited! This year marks the 1st for the next 15 years that we will hopefully have kids in school sports. What a joy! So here we go with football...

Deacon had his first game and did great! He played running back and corner on defense. They won 40-0 and he had one touchdown. Yes, I'm bragging (sorry) and I won't do it again :)


We were so happy that Papa and Nammy (my parents) made it to the game!

The boys can't get enough football because they are now trying to work in a game of flag football every chance they get.

This last weekend Bo was asked to attend a Mizzou football game with some friends, he loved it!

Also another first, Chapel started "school"..well kinda. He begs, I mean BEGS to go to school like "da bruders" so we decided to let him attend Little Liberators, a daycare/preschool, a few days a week. He LOVES it and says "I don't want you to walk me in, I can go by myself. He is so big :)

And finally, I saw this sign at a store this week and I should have bought it! Being the only female in the house I often call myself the Queen, but then I say I feel more like the slave. Thought this sign was perfectly fitting :) 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Built This... For Real???

Let's get this straight... I am as right-winged, elephant-lovin, conservative as they come! 99.9% of the time the private sector can do it BETTER than the government. Reagan was 100% RIGHT when he said "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." 

So when I heard Obama say "you didn't build that" as a small business owner I was appalled! Who did he think built it? Who spent hours upon hours working while other people my age were "going out"? Who risked going broke to buy a new piece of equipment or to hire a new employee? Who didn't sleep at night hoping someone would pay tomorrow so that the bills could be paid? Who canceled vacation because there was too much work to do? Who made deliveries every time they got in their car? Who had their babies sleep in t-shirt boxes because we wouldn't be going home that night. Who lost thousands of dollars because a mistake was made on an order???

I will tell you who it WASN'T... it WASN'T the government!

But to say "I Built It"... for real???  now something rubs me wrong about that too.

So who did? Who built it?

My friend Stacey was always there for us. When Dwain and I were working until 2 or 3 in the morning, Stacey would bring us dinner. She would clean our house, do the laundry, even come and VOLUNTEER her time at Creator Designs stacking shirts, organizing anything she found undone. Over the years lots of friends have been there, supporting us, filling in our gaps.

Stacey and many other friends built it!

We found out Dwain had carpal tunnel and realized it wouldn't work for him to print the shirts manually for years to come. My dad suggested we look into an automatic press. YIKES, the thought of that scared us. The cheapest one we could find was $25,000 and there was no way we could afford that! Scared to death I called my Grandpa Hudson (successful farmer/businessman who had worked hard all his life) trying to feel him out, get his thoughts on us spending that much money. He eagerly  said "Yes I think you should buy that and I want to lend you the money." The confidence he gave us that day will never be forgotten.

Grandpa Hudson and our families built it!

Dwain was raised on a small, family farm in Eldon, MO. He spent every weekend working at the grain elevator his father owned and every evening feeding and caring for the animals around his house. He often tells our boys about scooping manure out of the hog houses in the freezing cold. His parents were hard workers and taught Dwain to do the same. Nothing comes easy, nothing is gained without sacrifice. The investment the Banners made in raising a God-fearing, relentless man pays-off tenfold.

Charlie & Mary Kay Banner built it!

Our first location was a rental. Every building after that was owned. We would buy an older building, remodel and operate out of it until there was no inch left... then move again. Every time we bought a building we had the advice and financing from my parents. They would come into town, check out the building with us, then graciously offer to finance. They made sacrifices to see our business move forward and succeed.

Rex & Sara Austin built it!

The 1st person that ever let Creator Designs print their shirts is Hale's Fireworks. After 21 years and thousands of t-shirts Jane Hale and Hale's Fireworks is still doing business with Creator Designs. Jane was so patient so many times. She's seen us through the ups and downs. Customers like Hale's don't come around often, but somehow Creator Designs has been blessed with too many to count! They could go anywhere, screen printers are a dime a dozen, but customers continually make it possible for us to keep the doors open and the presses running.

Hale's Fireworks and the customers of Creator Designs built it!

Words cannot express the investment the employees of Creator Designs have deposited. It was their talents, their ideas, their hours, their volunteering, their sacrificing that made Creator Designs successful!!! There is not a harder working, more positive, smarter, skilled group of people than ours. ALL of them could take better paying, more prestigious jobs than what they have with us. They are ALL over-educated and over-qualified for their position, and YET they invest in this small t-shirt company.

The former and current employees of Creator Designs built it!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above. coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

EVERYTHING we have ultimately comes from HIM. Our talents, our skills, our money, our customers, our wonderful employees, our inspiring parents, our ability to wake up and put our shoes on every morning...

When no one is there and all motivation is gone, we look to HIM. When resources are low, we look to HIM. When we desperately need a new employee, we look to HIM. When we need divine guidance, we look to HIM!

Our Heavenly Father builds it!!!

So you see... it was built! President Obama was right about one thing, it wasn't just us that built it. It wasn't the government... it was the those around us and mostly it was a gift from our loving, heavenly Father!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boston and the 40th Celebration

One of these sisters turned 40 but I'm not telling who and it's NOT me! So to celebrate we let that sister choose where to go on a girls' trip. Now I don't mean to give it away but instead of a beach destination or a shopping destination this sister chose the historical Boston. She decided where we would visit and she worked out all the details. She also had to inform the rest of us of the significance of most sites.
U.S.S Constitution
Beck and I at Bunker Hill
the whole crew! We were blessed to take the "older" sisters, Mom & Aunt Nancy :) This was on the top balcony of some fancy library Regina was excited about. Becky kept telling our tour guide that Regina was a published author and I was amazed they had George Washington's toe nails (or was it two nails??)

I don't know why I thought this was funny but one of these ladies is gawking at a celebrity and the other is considering the trip she just made on the Mayflower... can you figure it out?

Plimoth Plantation - this was my favorite place. It was so interesting to learn everything. Meena cracked us up, she wasn't impressed. She couldn't believe we paid $25 to see "huts" of which she'd seen MANY in India. Oh, and the lady in the top left is a Native American, not an Indian like our precious Meena ;)

Old South Meeting House - it was fun to imagine being there and hearing the debates. We're so thankful our ancestors chose to fight for our freedom. Becky was trying to hush this lady... who later started Planned Parenthood.

my beautiful mama buying us some fresh fruit... cute bananas, huh?

We had soooooo much fun! It was great being together. We acted like kids, mom tried all week to keep us in line. I look forward to turning 40 so we can do this again, maybe we'll go to a beach though :)

We had a rain delay and all found shelter under the awnings. I loved this picture of Regina!
I ♥ these people! While leaving Plymoth, Becky, Regina and I decided we could walk to the bus stop. My GPS said it was only 2 miles so we took off. Meena, Mom and Nancy decided on a taxi. After we had walked 40 minutes we realized the GPS was deceptive. Needless to say when we arrived at the bus stop we were a little sweaty and mom was VERY nervous but all was good :)

Regina was the tour-guide, Meena took all the US history in, Beck and I met TONS of people and mom and Nancy laughed at the chaos. Thank you husbands for watching all the kids!!!
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