Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's Finally Summer

We finally got through with all the baseball (been playing since March) and now we are trying our best to squeeze in some of summer. Here are some pics we've snapped...
A much needed rain storm left some fun puddles!

One of our favorite places in town to visit is the Bank of Bolivar "Bean Counter" Coffee Shop. 
They offer FREE coffee, water and SLUSHIES!
Dwain took the boys to a STL game, FUN ♥
Chapel loves taking random pics with my phone :) It's been so great this summer, leaving my workout clothes on all day!
Creative boys are best! Give them anything and they'll make a competitive game out of it.
Lunch with Unc D and he showed the boys all the Olympic bloopers.
Jangle & Bo-Zo
Last but not least, school supplies :(
I asked the boys several times if they wanted to help me pick supplies and they all said NO. That's so funny to me, as a little girl I always looked forward to doing that. Guess that's the difference in boys & girls. 

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