Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All About Chapel

I constantly end up with more pics of Chapel than anyone.

Is that because he's the baby? Maybe. It appears he's just always near.

Anyway, that's just the way it is. Bo gets a little jealous sometimes. As a matter of fact he said "mom, Angie only has pictures of Chapel on her phone, none of me!" "Live with it Bo, life's not fair" we say... "find ways to work through your problems". I think his solution is to just be around Chapel more, then he'll get more camera time. :) 

 So here we go, celebrating Chap...

With the start of football season, Chapel has discovered a new sport he can dress-up for. When he saw Deacon in his football pants and pads he excitedly said "what are those??? I want some!!"
 He plays hard and sleeps hard... luckily!

 Chapel and Jake in the church nursery. Deacon so witty quoting Johnny Cash said "there's a lot of strange men in cell block 10"

 The boys are back in school and Chapel and I are enjoying being able to drive the smaller car, good thing because we made 6 trips to town yesterday.

 Ladies' man in the nursery ;)

He isn't like most kids, playing with toys. His entertainment is changing clothes.... drives me crazy!!!

He likes to lay them all out and pick which uniform.

Chapel playing baseball out at our whiffle ball field.

Chapel pitching to boys in KC.

Thanks for enjoying our baby with me, like I said, he's our rock star.

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