Saturday, August 25, 2012

186 Million

After watching Ocean's Eleven (clean version of course) Dwain asked Bo "would you sell your mom for $186 million?" Bo quickly replied "how could I??!!... No one would buy her!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All About Chapel

I constantly end up with more pics of Chapel than anyone.

Is that because he's the baby? Maybe. It appears he's just always near.

Anyway, that's just the way it is. Bo gets a little jealous sometimes. As a matter of fact he said "mom, Angie only has pictures of Chapel on her phone, none of me!" "Live with it Bo, life's not fair" we say... "find ways to work through your problems". I think his solution is to just be around Chapel more, then he'll get more camera time. :) 

 So here we go, celebrating Chap...

With the start of football season, Chapel has discovered a new sport he can dress-up for. When he saw Deacon in his football pants and pads he excitedly said "what are those??? I want some!!"
 He plays hard and sleeps hard... luckily!

 Chapel and Jake in the church nursery. Deacon so witty quoting Johnny Cash said "there's a lot of strange men in cell block 10"

 The boys are back in school and Chapel and I are enjoying being able to drive the smaller car, good thing because we made 6 trips to town yesterday.

 Ladies' man in the nursery ;)

He isn't like most kids, playing with toys. His entertainment is changing clothes.... drives me crazy!!!

He likes to lay them all out and pick which uniform.

Chapel playing baseball out at our whiffle ball field.

Chapel pitching to boys in KC.

Thanks for enjoying our baby with me, like I said, he's our rock star.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I ♥ Tom's Shoes... For Real

I ♥ Tom's shoes, who doesn't these days. 

This has always been my favorite style and color! Something about wedge shoes, PERFECT. The heel gives the lift I need but the wedge keeps is casual. Oh dear, I would have every color if I could.
Hopefully you will soon see me with some of these, I've been eyeing them all summer, can't decide what color to go with???
As I was getting pics for this blog post I spotted these. Hmmmmm, maybe the strappy wedges above will wait till next summer. My winter wardrobe could use these!

Do you share my love for Tom's? Are you familiar with their "One for One" campaign?

Recently while shopping in Journey's I was trying to decide on a pair of flats. The sales clerk's comment was "well the neat thing about Tom's is if you buy a pair, it's like you're buying a pair for someone in need too." Wow, what a deal... how could I pick anything but Tom's? If I have a heart at all I would want the needy to get a pair of shoes. So I made the obvious choice, picking the $55 shoes and getting the warm fuzzies for my generosity... FOR REAL?!?!

Please know I judge no one for buying Tom's. Please, please know I will buy more Tom's. But please, please, please know I will never again over-spend on shoes and pat myself on the back for it. I'm not criticizing the company of Tom's, they are doing a great thing! They have a hugely popular, fashionable product. It will sell whether they gave or not and yet they choose to give... Way to Go Tom's! BUT shame on me and you for feeling good about ourselves, if we're truly wanting to help those in need, let's buy $25 shoes and give the balance to help others. There are hundreds of trustworthy ministries you can donate, maybe it's your church, maybe it's a different non-for-profit but figure out where that is and DO IT.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..." James 1:27

Our personal favorite (other than our church) is Hopegivers International. Through them, $30 can feed, clothe, educate and house 30 kids for a day... or one kid for 30 days. My sister-in-law grew up in India in a Hopegivers' orphanage and she is today still so thankful for the $30's people sacrificed and sent her way.

Next time you go to the mall to shop for shoes, buy the pair that suits you best and that you can afford. Don't buy so that you can give, just give.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's Finally Summer

We finally got through with all the baseball (been playing since March) and now we are trying our best to squeeze in some of summer. Here are some pics we've snapped...
A much needed rain storm left some fun puddles!

One of our favorite places in town to visit is the Bank of Bolivar "Bean Counter" Coffee Shop. 
They offer FREE coffee, water and SLUSHIES!
Dwain took the boys to a STL game, FUN ♥
Chapel loves taking random pics with my phone :) It's been so great this summer, leaving my workout clothes on all day!
Creative boys are best! Give them anything and they'll make a competitive game out of it.
Lunch with Unc D and he showed the boys all the Olympic bloopers.
Jangle & Bo-Zo
Last but not least, school supplies :(
I asked the boys several times if they wanted to help me pick supplies and they all said NO. That's so funny to me, as a little girl I always looked forward to doing that. Guess that's the difference in boys & girls. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Accident Did It... For Real

What happens when mom leaves the bathroom for just and second, sends dad in to take over... and... he takes his time getting there? Well watch for 22 seconds and see, you might need to watch several times like I did. :)
This was so hilarious to me because it was ALL too familiar, for real! These are our sweet cousins and orneriness runs in the family :) Thanks Jodi for letting me share it.

Fav quotes: "What in the world is going on in here??" "I accident did it!" "Why is he BRUSHING HIS TEETH?!" "Because he wanted to!"
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