Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Willy Wonka is My Cousin

I must be related to Willy Wonka. I LOVE candy, oh sweet, sweet candy! It's not just the YUM that I love, it's the bright colors, the variety available and mostly the happiness it brings others. If you've ever visited my house then you too have probably enjoyed my "candy store".  Shortly after moving in my friend suggested decorating my kitchen shelves with jars of candy. Instantly I KNEW that was perfect and I've never wanted to change, and still don't but I need help!

My kids are WAY too addicted to the candy. They ask me 100x a day for candy. I feel like I'm constantly telling them "NO" and I'm the fun-mom not the no-mom :) (or at least in my eyes.) We love our dentist but we'd rather see him for dinner than an appointment in his office. Anyways, I need help... please give me suggestions for either healthier snacks to put in the candy jars or ways to limit my kids with the candy. I know you blog readers are smart, now share your thoughts with me please :)

(cabinets on either side of my sink)

1 comment:

Kara Smith said...

You could hide the candy where the boys cant find it and put baskets of fruit where the jars were. If they don't think you have candy, they'll eventually stop asking for it as often. :)

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