Friday, July 27, 2012


Most of you know us but I just created a page and wanted to share it as a blog post... enjoy :)

Dwain - the Coach
Truly the leader/coach of the Banner boys, Dwain seeks God's will above all else and guides are family to do the same. He's the most honest, consistent, competitive person I know. Dwain, commonly referred to at work as "Boss," is an amazing leader, fervent teacher and HARD WORKER! He teaches Sunday school, coaches every team, serves on several boards and loves to golf... he's using the skills God gave him in mighty ways, all while being a very involved daddy!

Trina - the Cheerleader
Leading is not my game but motivating is. Dwain labels me "a starter not a finisher," that applies to most everything for me except running, which I've happily done for years. Small business motivates me, I enjoy brainstorming ideas with our employees and other owners. Hospitality is another fav, my guest rooms are often occupied and I want to keep it that way! Come visit :)

Deacon - team Banner
Leading off our team is Deacon, he takes after his daddy in sooooo many ways... sometimes I feel like he's my parent (so mature.) Not sure what I would do without him and his help with the other boys.  He's great at football, baseball, basketball and swimming. Deacon is a leader and also an entrepreneur. After working the student council dance he came home informing me "the stu-co isn't gonna make money on these dance things, too many expenses & we aren't charging enough for admission" Love that in him!!!

Bo - team Banner
Second child but NOT to be overlooked, Bo stands on his own. He's a lion and won't back down. He's my loving, loyal, red-headed, hot tempered ball of joy! He's extremely competitive in every sport he plays... football, baseball, basketball and swimming. Bo loves going by his real name, Boaz, knowing the strong leader he is named after in the Bible. I like to tease him, telling him all the girls want a Boaz ;). 

Jake - team Banner
Our sweet Jakin doesn't want to compete... he has his own way of doing things and you can guarantee it won't be anything like Deacon or Bo. Jake has an AMAZING sense of humor and loves people, everyday he asks to have a friend over. Good at all the sports the other boys play plus golf, but sports aren't Jake's passion. He's Indiana Jones/master lego builder in his mind. When asked his favorite position in baseball he replied "the dugout."

Chapel - team Banner
Way to go out with a BANG, that's what we think with Chap. He NEVER lacks attention, being the heart-throb of all the older girls :). Whatever "da bruders" are doing is what Chapel does. Baseball season, he's got a matching uniform for each team; basketball season, he constantly has a ball with him; swimming season, he begs to go to every practice... we'll soon see what football season brings. He has an imagination talking often about his practice, his game and his school. Loved by all the boys' friends, we call Chapel the rock star of our family. 

Creator Designs - our business
Started from the ground up this business is at the center of all we do. T-shirts are our passion and we are so so blessed by the way the Lord has enabled us to make a living doing what we love. If you don't have a screen printer or embroiderer... call us! Our BRILLIANT staff will wow you with their hard work, customer skills and artistic genius.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Jonnifer

Shelley Marea Vaughan Harris said...

Love your family!

And love the idea of posting your page as a blog post. I have a page about my family, but didn't think about posting it like this first. I may copy you! Great idea, idea person!

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