Monday, July 9, 2012

#'s, $$'s & #'s!

Numbers, dollars & pounds... this is my new plan to stay on track and not overeat. If you are interested today is the day to join! We start a new group every Monday. This is open to ANYONE. This is NOT a scheme or pyramid or anything, just a game. :) Read below for more info...

Do you eat out of stress, boredom, celebration… anything but hunger??? I’ve found myself needing some accountability in this area and people motivate me so I created a group to challenge this area of my life. Of course it’s just for fun and you can quit anytime. Let’s be clear right off the bat, I’m not making $$ on this, just enjoying the “peer pressure.” :)

Brief version of the group: everyone “deposits” $7 per week. Everyday that you track your food intake through you get a “point”, everyday that you meet your calorie goal you get a point. At the end of the week we tally points, then divide money accordingly.

You are guaranteed your money back if you get all 14 points, guaranteed half your money back if you get 7 points. Here’s a brief example below…

Sally deposits $7. She has a great week and earns 12 points. At the end of the week she gets $11.05 back.
Eddy deposits $7. He has an avg week and earns 7 points. At the end of the week he gets $6.45 back.
May deposits $7. She has an avg week and earns 8 points. At the end of the week she gets $7.36 back.
Mikey deposits $7. He has a good week and earns 9 points. At the end of the week he gets $8.29 back.
Susy deposits $7. She has a bad week and earns 2 points. At the end of the week she gets $1.85 back.

We had a $35 balance.
38 points were earned.
The pay-off was $.92 per point.

So you can see, unless you have a horrible week and don’t even have the heart to record what you eat, this shouldn’t cost you much of anything. The extent of the commitment is 1 week.

Steps to join:
  1. Open free account with You can do this on your computer, or download the app with your phone.
  2. Add me as a friend. My username is trina6b
  3. Open free account with
  4. Send $7 to me at paypal link here 
  5. -make sure and use the “personal” tab and then “other”
-my email/account is
-if you “fund” your account first you won’t have the cc charge

       5.  Email me back your myfitnesspal username & info that you sent $7 payment. (Sometimes payment takes a few days to process, that’s ok, just let me know it’s coming.)

I will email you back confirmation and a list of everyone else participating so that you can become friends on myfitnesspal… and watch each other.  Start today keeping track of your “points”, email me Monday with your total points. Most of all ENJOY, don’t be stressed about it, quit when it’s not working for you anymore and try something different.

Call or text anytime with questions,

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