Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Restore, Part 1

Dwain and I have always loved buying older houses and buildings and restoring them. We actually have never purchased new construction. There's something we love about taking the old and making it new, maybe because that's exactly what Christ did for us.

We are living in our 4th and hopefully final home. I want to start sharing the "before & afters" with you. I saved the pics from the real estate listing when we bought the house.

The front walkway was of course the first thing I wanted to change... first appearances mean everything! I thought the stepping stones looked like they should be leading to an outhouse not a home. We had Hofstetter Concrete create a custom walkway for us and I love it!

All the gold had to go. We replaced with black lantern looking lights. We have also replaced the front doors.

Painting goes a long way! This front porch was painted/stained with a charcoal grey. It was so much cheaper than replacing the whole worn-out looking deck.

We added brick to the guest house and a walkway. We also took off the front deck.

Barns should be red, right??? That's what I thought so I talked Dwain into changing this one. Also notice the light for whiffle ball games :)

I will try and post more at different times. Now go and restore something and thank our Heavenly Father for his wonderful gift of salvation, forgiving our sins and making us NEW again!


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