Saturday, July 28, 2012

McDonald's... For Real??

The boys and I had a lunch date at our new McDonalds the other day and I have some thoughts for them. 

 If you're so worried about child obesity that you change your kids' meal fries to
 Oompa-Loompa or Munchkin size...

 WHY OH WHY do you replace your playgrounds with...

video games???!!! For Real?!


AKA Jane Random said...

We came across this last year while traveling. It was especially frustrating because when you are on the road you are constantly looking for places that kids can get their energy out. We walk out and BOOM video games. Major PR fail.

The playgrounds are the only reason I ever go to McDonalds. Well, that and when it's Monopoly time - which I'm totally going to win one year!

Kathy Hansen said...

My daughter was a general manager at a McDonalds with a playground. It was a constant battle to keep clean. People can be gross, regularly the found poop in them and even used tampons. I don't know how those ended up in there but I think some people are just stupid. So they would love to have the playgrounds but they don't find it fun to keep clean.

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