Friday, July 20, 2012

Guess What We Had???... For Real!!

Most of you have became aware of my less than blog-perfect life. I'm having so much fun pointing out all the things others might shy away from, but let's be REAL, we ALL have hilarious, embarrassing things going on everyday.

Meet Annie, our gorgeous, sweet, loving golden retriever. Her favorite spot is on the couch next to one of "her" boys. Oh I can't tell you how much we love her. So often the boys enjoy snuggling up next to her and watching TV.

We had a mild winter here and ticks are horrible. We have purchased Annie a tick collar and she's on pills for fleas. You would think that would take care of things but apparently... 
 We had ticks... YES, for real!
 The boys were constantly scratching and checking each other for ticks. Bo labeled himself a "tick expert" after a hunting trip in which he was obviously the HUNTED, over 200 ticks found him! If anyone asks the dreaded question "is this a tick on me?" Bo would rush to them to evaluate the situation.

This was a nice a quiet family secret until we visited our local barber at The Barber Shop. I noticed him inspecting something on Bo's head and then he asked me to come take a look...
Yes, I'm afraid our secret was out... we had ticks!

Luckily this awful Missouri drought has killed them off, we haven't seen any in quite some time. :)

1 comment:

hannah said...

AHH! I hate ticks! I found one on my couch and I thought it was a blueberry until legs poked of it! ahhh!

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