Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Country Clubs & Swim Meets... For Real

The Banner boys compete for our local Y swim team. The majority of the time our meets are at country clubs in Springfield. Often I've cracked up at the big Bolivar Y herd invading ritzy, south Springfield's private pools. Today was no exception.

As we walked into the swim meet I noticed Jake carrying a water bottle and I instantly had a proud parent moment... "look at that sweet boy, he was responsible when we left the house,  packed his own water bottle," We scooted right in next to all the other parents who had already "set up camp" with their lawn chairs, coolers and shades.

Just as I was admiring the beautiful pool and setting up my seat I noticed a horrible smell and heard the gasps of all the mothers. Jake was standing in the middle of everyone with an ornery look... he had dumped his water bottle, which apparently he had found in the car. The rotten chocolate milk it held moments before was now splattered all over the pool deck, resembling upchuck!!! The once pleasant pool-side was now the spot no one wanted to be.

Just when I get prideful as a mother, my "for real" is brought to light in front of everyone... yes we have rotten milk in our car, yes my children behave carelessly,  and yes now we have a beach towel that's soaking up what all perceived as vomit.

Everyday is an adventure with children!


Sue Roweton said...

At least you had on cute shoes!

CFisher9 said...

Oh Jake!! Lol.. Hope to have that little monster over soon! Cash misses him!

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