Friday, June 15, 2012

Our Baby's Room.... For Real?

As you all know I'm having fun pointing out the REAL things in my life. Pinterest, blogs and Facebook sometimes make me feel like, well a loser for the most part. Everyone SEEMS so perfect in the social media world but we all have those areas of our lives that we "fall short" of Blog-Perfect. I would like to show you a few beautiful nurseries I found.
This nursery I found on  Pinterest, maybe if I'd had a girl I'd have a nursery like this???

Okay, look at this one! Wow, to die for! Maybe if I could paint straight and sew my nurseries would have looked like this blogger's nursery???

Grey is so hot right now, it was considered drab when I was doing my babies' nurseries, otherwise I'm sure I would have gone with something like this!  Project Nursery is dedicated to amazing nurseries, here are some more they highlight...

And the next one is probably my favorite! My friend Megan is pregnant and working on her nursery. Check this out!
Adorable huh??? You can see more on her blog A Blossoming Homestead.
Well this is her first child, I did have a decently cute nursery for Deacon, my first. But since then things have seemed to go downhill... well, let's see what you think. Here is the nursery we "created" for my youngest, Chapel, when we moved into our new house...
Are you laughing? Yes, it's Dwain's closet... for real! We only have one room (the master) on the main level and we wanted the baby (Chapel) with us, so this was our best option. Now don't feel sorry for him, we hung a few letters on the wall :) He's so proud of his room. We often cringe when company comes and Chapel boasts "Come see my room! It's got my dad's clothes in it!" I mean, not every kid can say that right?? Oh and don't worry, I'm sure the gun case in the back is locked up tight! 

This is us, being... FOR REAL! :) And btw, Chapel recently promoted out of "his room" and on to share with the brothers upstairs, guess what... he misses his own room. ;)


Kylie Stricklin said...

Hahahaahaha!!!!!! I LOVE THIS! Trina, you crack me right up!

Becky said...

Love your "for real" posts! Funny stuff. Tell Chap not to be too jealous of Mila. She will be the last one in Kindergarten to learn to spell their last (or middle?) name. WOW!

Laura Jones said...

Trina, I love this!! so refreshing. Saw the link on facebook and had to see the "perfect" nurseries. Parker Mae, our youngest, also sleeps in a closet (for naps) and in a pack n' play too!! haha! miss you all!!
Laura J

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