Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Silly Banner Boys

Living with boys, never a dull minute. I take a lot of pics with my phone and post on Facebook, but Grandpa & Grandma Banner aren't on FB so I need to post these for them to see. They are so fun and always saying something crazy...
A girl from the college took Chapel to sit with her at the game the other night, the next morning the boys were teasing him about liking her. Jake says "Is she hot Chapel?" to which Chapel replied "No! She's warm." We all busted up laughing but then had to remind Jake it wasn't appropriate to refer to girls as "hot". :)
Sweet boys, eating lunch at Steak 'n Shake.
Superman!!! (I'm ready for this green grass and summer!)
Jake walks up to people and says "start at my feet and work your way up, see if you can see what's missing" the whole time while smiling like this!
Maggie at our Springfield store loves to spoil Chapel! What's better than a sucker? 3 suckers at once!!!
Hide & Seek
At Bass Pro Shops Chapel wanted a Camo suit so bad! Angie found this one, this face is after dad told him "NO!"
 Our business neighbors at Hobbytime Motosports, Chapel and their son. What a playground they have!

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