Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perfect V-Day in Banner Land

It's always a perfect day when I get to wear a Creator Designs' t-shirt, so it started off great! Dwain printed this one-of-a-kind shirt for me last year, love it! The boys were excited for their parties at school and all the candy.
 After getting the boys to school, Chapel and I headed to my friend's house (Liz) and made these yummy sugar cookies... yes, that's strawberries on top! Liz is always over-the-top on greatness!!!
Chapel had a good time playing with the Garber kids, his favorites, basketball & computer.
The school does a fundraiser with carnations so I sent all the boys one. I've never given them any before thinking "boys don't like flowers" but I've come to learn they like attention any way they can get it. The funny thing is Deacon sent Bo one saying "from your girlfriend". When I picked them up they were already fighting, Bo didn't like that AT ALL! We headed to the shop to see dad and by the time we go there it was an all out Fight... WWF wrestling match right in the middle of Customer Service at CD.

Later we headed with Angie to the Squeeze Inn in Stockton for dinner. Yum!!! When we got home I got my present... see below
Oh that was delicious but to top off our evening we had a visit from our friends the Tulips, bearing chocolate covered strawberries!!!

Isn't this picture precious??!! So as you can see... the diet will start tomorrow!

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Angie said...

Cute post!! Love you guys! :)

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