Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend with the Johnsons

This is one of my favorite friends, Brittany. We got close when she lived in Bolivar, since then she has lived in California, Utah and now Iowa (her husband Stan is a coach.) If you wonder why I don't post a picture of us from the weekend they were here it's because we never took a good one and since I'm in charge of this blog... there shall be no horrible pictures of me posted! In honor of Brittany visiting, I made a list of 10 Things I Love About Brittany

1. Shopping with her, she has AMAZING taste in clothing!
2. How we can go months and not talk but pick-up where we left off anytime.
3. Her faithfulness and good attitude as a coach's wife.
4. Her mom & dad!!!! (they are soooo fun!)
5. She is transparent, always honest and never fake.
6. Make-up advice, she introduces me to new products all the time.
7. She's a great mom!!!
8. Adaptability, wherever she goes, she fits in and people love her!
9. Shopping with her, wait, I already said that... well it's worth 2 things just because!
10. As you can see, she is beautiful, but that is just a small glimpse of the true beauty of Brittany!

Ok, now for kids pictures of the weekend... we had a great time.

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