Friday, July 1, 2011

Jake's Baseball Season

Jake is doing really well in baseball this year. This is the first time he has played on a team without a brother.

Jake was telling a friend of ours about his game...
Jake: I hit a triple!
Friend: Really? That's great!
Jake: Yeah, then I ran to third base!

Jake plays on Monday nights in Bolivar and Bo plays on Monday nights in Springfield so Dwain and I switch back and forth going to games. One night I noticed Jake had been in the dugout two innings in a row when he should have been playing the field.
Mom: Why are you in the dugout again, you should be playing?!
Jake: The coaches let me stay in here again! :) Don't tell dad!!
Jake's buddy Cael plays on a different team, they made a deal they wouldn't get each other out, the dads don't approve.

Whiffle ball in the backyard is paying off, Jake is having a great year hitting.

He also has a GREAT coaches! ;)

And thank you Tracy (my fellow baseball, basketball-boy mom) for some great pictures!

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