Thursday, June 30, 2011

We ♥ Daddy!

417 Magazine had a "Best Dads in 417land" so of course I nominated Dwain because he is THE best dad around. Boo to 417mag though because he wasn't picked as a finalist... but here is my entry....

“We only have a few years with them at home, and I don’t want to waste a day!”

My husband Dwain has said this hundreds of times, and even better, he models it. He is the best dad in 417-Land because he spends every possible minute with our four boys - instilling values and teaching them how valuable they are.

Even though he’s the busy owner of Creator Designs, Dwain takes the time to teach his sons the qualities that have made him successful. Every day the boys aren’t in school he takes them to work with him. He finds jobs for them to do and teaches them to work, but more importantly he shows them they’re an essential part of our life and business. While at home, he teaches them to mow, cut brush, pick-up after themselves and others. So many times it would be easier for Dwain to just get the job done by himself, but he ALWAYS takes time to share the value of hard work!

Never missing a day of reading the Bible or a Sunday of attending church is essential in our home. Dwain is “religious” about this! J He knows God’s word is the key to life and he wants the boys to know it well. Honesty is required. “Banners Don’t Lie” and Dwain lives this out as an example for our boys, always being above reproach in his business dealings.

His volunteer work takes him and his sons around the world. A few years ago, Dwain and Deacon, our oldest, made the trip to India to visit orphanages. Once back home he helped Deacon and others in our church raise the money for a new orphanage. He serves on the Board of Hopegiver’s International, helping kids who have no fathers.

Although work and church are priorities, recreation is never overlooked. Dwain is known as the best little league coach in town because he knows the sports and he is patient to all the kids. My boys are proud to have him as their coach! Hunting is another area all the boys enjoy together. Dwain would rather watch them hunt than hunt himself. They spend hours together shopping for guns, watching hunting videos, walking land to find the best hunting spot!

“Work hard, play hard”, fun is never overlooked by this Super Star Dad in 417-land.

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adtdanphuong said...

your family is so happy. :D

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