Friday, June 10, 2011

I ♥ My Camera Phone

Aren't camera phones great?! You can capture so many special moments at any time. They can also be weird, like if you catch someone taking a picture of you... "hey, I am not worthy of People of Wal-Mart just because I didn't do my hair!" Well, here are some random pictures I have had on my phone that I wanted to share.

Sleeping babies are the best!

There's a business in BoMO that has a cat ALWAYS in the window, the kids love walking by it. Here are the Fannins (our friends from OK) checking it out... you didn't know BoMO was soooo exciting did you?!
Jimmy Needham NEEDS a lot of hats! We print for the this artist and he must sell a ton of these because I see them up at CD a lot!
Grandpa's eyes were closed but isn't this the sweetest! He was just talking away to Chapel.

Our favorite restaurant, Brenda's Cafe serves Mickey Mouse pancakes... the best!!!

1 comment:

Ames family said...

The cat's name is Socks. We went in and asked one time:)
Adorable pics of the fam. You have an amazing family. So blessed!

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