Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend in Oklahoma

Daddy Dwain with all the boys for Father's Day.

My mom and I share a birthday and this was our b-day weekend, she turned 60 and I turned ????? :)

Bo & Papa, what is Bo thinking in this picture? My guess "I hope I get that tall!"

Can you see Bo in the top left corner?

Mom & Dwain discussing landscaping as usual.

Papa swimming with boys.

My sis, Becky & her #3 son, Wyatt.

What a nerd.

Cousin Walker & Bo

Cousin Weston & Jake

Papa gave Weston & Jake these helmets and I'm not sure they ever took them off.

They even ate lunch with them!

So cute!

Cousin Ezekiel enjoying one of papa's popsicles.


Kids everywhere all weekend!

Papa & Nammy and all eleven grandkids!

Me & my nieces, Tabby, Reagan, Lucy.

Where's Regina??? She must've been the only one watching the kids.
We had a WONDERFUL weekend, I loved every minute. I of course love my family so much and don't get to see them often enough. Jake said "Mom, can we move to Oklahoma to live close to our cousins?" I told him he could save his money and move there for college if he wanted, that after all is how I ended up in Bolivar... chasing cousins :)!


Sherri said...

Trina I LOVED looking at these pics! Eleven grandchildren???? Amazing! I love you and your family! Little Weston looks like Becky, Chapel looks like you, Tabby looks like Regina and Reagan looks like Coy. I love you and your family. I have so many wonderful memories of our families together. Of course my boys have great memories too.... David and Brandon can't talk about their childhood "pranks" without Kenny being mentioned! You all have beautiful children!

Sherri said...

Oh! ...and Sara is 60???? She is so pretty!! Hard to believe! Your mom was your age (or within a year, I believe) when you all moved into the neighborhood!

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