Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Chalkboard Woes

I bought this gorgeous chalkboard from Restoration Hardware and LOVED it! It looked perfect and was just what I wanted. I went to write on it and the chalk would slip, wouldn't even leave a mark in some places. I purchased 3 different brands of chalk... same story. I called and they told me to try liquid chalk, which you see here. The problem with that is it wouldn't completely erase (even with water). I called back and they said try writing on the back, some boards had been put together wrong, wrote on the back and it worked. They quickly sent a new one and chalk will work on it (not as good as my $10 board from Wal-Mart) however chalk scratches the board. You erase the chalk and the scratch is still there. Also, you can see the board coming off on the chalk... grrrrrr! What is going on??? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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