Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to Angie!

Chapel loves Angie's iPhone!
Happy Birthday to our dear, dear friend Angie! Here is a short list of things we love about her in no particular order...
10 Things We Love About Angie:
1. How you enjoy organizing our house
2. You are such a good listener
3. The sports NUT in you
4. How you never wear the same outfit in a school year, you're so girlie! :)
5. Your family!!! (especially Mom, Dad, Holly & Tavis, John & Harrison)
6. The love and faith you show in our Lord
7. Our shared obsession for Mexican food (Cinco de Mayo, it's fate)
8. All the pictures you take of the kids.
9. How you make desserts for your students after each test.
10. The constant LOVE and ATTENTION you pour into our family!!!!!!!!


twothingsincommon said...

AWWW!!! That is so sweet - thanks! I love you guys!

The Ingolds said...

Can you send Angie to camdenton, please? Happy birthday Angie!

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