Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dwain's Stompin Ground - Eldon

We spend Mother's Day weekend at Dwain's parents'. The boys love going there, all for different reasons, mostly though, they all LOVE the food Grandma fixes.

Dwain & Darin rave about the Cree Mee as you can see "World Famous Chili Dog", not sure what that means exactly but it's pretty good. I always get the ham & cheese and my favorite Cherry-Marshmallow Pepsi (of course I prefer Coke).

What could he be thinking in this picture??? "why did I have so many kids?" "how am I gonna get that new embroidery machine up & running in time?" "where have all the turkeys gone?" Most likely... "I want another chili-dog!" :)

Grandma Mary Kay, Aunt Carolynn, Uncle Bob (siblings)

Deacon's break from football

Chapel hiding from the camera
Aunt Carol, teaching Jake how to Skype, she is so up on technology, it's amazing!!
Grandma's precious flowers.
Grandpa Charlie & Dwain's fish frying... I'm tellin ya, the food never stops in Eldon!
Finally, a picture of Chapel.

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Anonymous said...

I love that pic of Chap under the wagon! JR

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