Monday, May 2, 2011

Deacon & Braces - Austin Orthodontics

Every business needs t-shirts... there are so many different ways to use them! Austin Orthodontics in Nixa, MO uses their t-shirts for advertising & gifts for loyal patients. Deacon (the oldest Banner boy) got to pick out his t-shirt & he wears it frequently to earn "Austin Bucks", a reward system for clean teeth, referrals & timely visits. It's not often kids like to go to the doctor but the staff at Austin Ortho make it fun with drawings & giveaways. Check them out here on Facebook!

Deacon enjoys checking in with this system, I enjoy this gorgeous waiting room!

Chapel enjoys the "fishy... see fishy!!!"

The wait is never long but Austin Orthodontics has a perfect kids' room to wait in.

this is where it all goes down

every patient has their own flat screen

Dr. Austin hard at work

our passion... t-shirts!

handsome Banner boys, straight teeth (coming soon)

visit Austin Orthodontics & tell them Creator Designs sent you!

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