Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boys Will be Boys

Dwain and the boys LOVE whiffle ball, LOVE IT! Summer time brings lots and lots of games with anyone that shows up. Last summer Dwain decided we didn't have enough daylight to play whiffle ball, so he had a light installed on our barn to light the "field". Still yet, not good enough, the light wasn't high enough! So Dwain's buddy agreed to bring an old pole and add the light. Just check out all the equipment it took to get this all so precious light for whiffle ball... whiffle ball!!!

See the light on the barn (clearly not high enough, haha!)

ohhhhhh, be careful!!!!

This is the field, you will soon see a backstop and bases!

Jake checking out the project.

So when you come and see us, bring your tennis shoes because YOU WILL be playing... or sitting on the bleachers I expect to be built soon! :)

1 comment:

The Ingolds said...

Cannot wait to join in some this summer...miss you guys!!

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